About RauLife

A note from our founder Vernetta Lopez

RauLife is not a charity but a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to creating a sustainable fair-trade income for families of the Hmong tribe in Thailand. Our role is to bring to market their artisanal goods that RauLife has co-created with the tribes-folk and all authentically produced based on a rich cultural heritage of hand sewn indigenous designs, passed down through the ages by the tribe. 


RauLife is about a personal promise I made, a great NGO that has persevered through very tough circumstances, and about ladies who are tougher than nails.

Many years ago I met Eugene Wee, Director of Radion International and he told me about the work that they do, and how the Hmong people need help.

They’re helping this particular community that has been persecuted for too long, get back on its feet, find new ways to generate income through skills-building, keep the children in schools and away from bad influences and bad domestic relationships, and give everyone a new perspective of, and ambition for, life.


The ladies that we help in this retail line have suffered hardships that no one in this day and age should ever go through. Yet it's a reality for millions around the world. Whether suffering sexual abuse at a young age, physical abuse in relationships, having to endure hard labor even now at their very old age. Yet they are able to create such beautiful works of art through their cross stitch.


At that time, I was unable, too inexperienced, and the circumstances too large for me to help. I’ve always felt an obligation to help these people, especially the ladies and the children.


Obligation may not be the right word; it may seem like a project out of guilt. But actually, it's a project that makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile for someone else. In my small way, I can make an impact to the community that has had it rough for while. That’s not guilt; that’s just selfish feel-goodness!


So I created what many others have done with other communities; a new line of revenue for them through their artisanal work.


I’ve started with their cross-stitch designs in the first of a series of children’s coloring and craft books. Now I am working with them on items that we can create together and I can help retail online.


So join me in helping spread the word about the worthwhile work that Radion International does. They’re realistic, hardworking, relentless in their pursuit of giving these folks a new lease and a new view on life. And help the ladies by either buying the children’s book, or telling everyone about their designs, and their artwork!

More updates will come soon so please do check in with us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!





Vernetta Lopez

Founder RauLife




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Why RAU?

In the Hmong language, ‘rau’ means ‘for’. 


So this project is for the women and children of the Hmong Village and more.


For Life.



We proudly work with

Radion International

RADION International is a relief and development agency that is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, by empowering them to overcome poverty and oppression.


If you’re wondering what Radion means, RADION stands for RADIATING MISSION. It is their goal to radiate love and care to the ones who need them most. Not only through words but more importantly through practical actions.


They believe…

  • that lives are precious

  • in making a difference in people’s lives

  • in bringing hope to the hopeless

  • that actions speak louder than words


The projects worked on by RauLife aim to help in 3 specific ways:


1. To assist with their COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (CDP) which has community education and mass training to equip rural villagers with work and livelihood skills to earn a living.


2. To provide locals with job opportunities and a platform to apply their skills. This puts rural families on a road to financial recovery and self-reliance.

3. To keep children, especially girls in school, to help them continue in their quest for independence and to come out of the cycle of poverty.

Click here to visit the Radion International website for more details!